What Other Drugs Can Affect Ultram?

If you stop or start taking certain medications, you may experience breathing difficulties or withdrawal symptoms. Tell your doctor if you are also taking an antifungal, heart, blood pressure, seizure, antibiotic, or medicine to treat HIV/hepatitis C. Ultram can interact with other drugs that could be potentially dangerous. If you use: Medicine for asthma, allergies, blood pressure, motion sickness, or […]


What is Ultram? How is it used? Ultram is a prescription medication. Ultram’s safety and effectiveness in children under 17 years old are unknown. What side effects could Ultram have? Side effects of Ultram include: Loud breathing Sighing. Breathing shallow slow heart rate or weak pulse, lightheadedness, seizure (convulsions), nausea, vomiting, Appetite loss dizziness, an Worsening fatigue or weakness Constipation […]